Creating an account

Z Uniwersyteckie Centrum Informatyczne

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According to the Computer Network Security Policy of UMK, every university employee and guest has the right to have an account on one of the servers administered by UCI . Organizational units of the Nicolaus Copernicus University and students' organisations, councils or other organizations operating at the Nicolaus Copernicus University have the right to have a functional account.

In accordance with paragraph 12 of the Computer Network Security Policy of UMK, all employees of UMK are obliged to use business e-mail addresses while conducting electronic business correspondence.

Account creation procedure

  • downloading and filling out the application for creating an account
  • obtaining a signature and stamp of the name of the head of the unit or a person authorized by him

In order to change or extend the validity period of an account, you must complete the application for setting up an account with the option of, for example, "change the validity period of the account".

The filled application should be delivered to University Information Technology Centre in one of the following ways:

  • in person (room 206, UITC*, pl. Rapackiego 1)
  • by internal university mail
  • in the case of non-resident persons, by mail.

In the application, which will not be delivered in person to UITC*, it is necessary to provide a contact telephone number (not required for permanent NCU staff).

Information on the processing of personal data

* UITC - University Information Technology Centre - UCI (Uniwersyteckie Centrum Informatyczne) in Polish language