Problems in Office 365

Z Uniwersyteckie Centrum Informatyczne

On this page, we collect answers to frequently asked questions related to the use of the Microsoft Office 365 platform

In many cases, the best solution is patience, Microsoft can take up to 24 hours to process information, so please do it in advance and don't send questions for help too quickly.

Creating an account and possible password reset should be done only via the website

When logging in to Office365, I receive information that my account is not in the system

First of all, please remember that in Office365 we log in with a slightly different identifier than every NCU Central Login Point - an additional o365 member appears in the domain. The entire ID is displayed on the website

Several hours have already passed, and I still don't have the password

Write to giving the identifier of the account with which you log in and describe the problem.

I can log into the system, but I can't see any applications

If it has been a few hours since registration, write to giving the identifier of the account you are logging in with and describe the problem.