Annex No. 3 to Ordinance No. 196 Rector of the Nicolaus Copernicus University of December 19, 2017

Z Uniwersyteckie Centrum Informatyczne

(Przekierowano z Polityka bezp zał 3/en)

Regulations on the use of external network services available via the Central Login Point

§ 1

NCU University Center for IT services, in cooperation with the Polish Identity Federation PIONIER.Id, allows access to external network services. Logging in to these services takes place via the NCU Central Login Point, using the NCU account.

§ 2

The user is required to maintain login security by following the instructions with the document "Recommendations for secure login" available on UCI websites.

§ 3
  1. When logging in to an external service, it is usually necessary to provide selected data regarding the user's account, such as email address, status within the NCU (employee or student), surname, first name.
  2. Before submitting data, the user is asked for consent, which can be issued once or permanently.
  3. Before logging into the service, the user can check the Privacy Policy for the given service.
§ 4
  1. Unless the regulations of a given service provide otherwise, the users may use the service only for their needs related to their status at NCU, i.e. work or study at NCU.
  2. The user must comply with any additional restrictions described on the service pages, e.g. the prohibition of mass downloading of data, their unauthorized publication, etc.
  3. Users are not allowed to share their own account with others.
  4. Users may not launch software that uses the service on their behalf.