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The Moodle System is a free online platform supporting teaching at the Nicolaus Copernicus University. Thanks to Moodle, teachers have the option of easily providing students with teaching materials in electronic form, communication with selected training groups, and even the option of conducting tests and exams online.


Each faculty has access to its own remote learning platform, which can be used by both its employees and students. UMK units that are not yet using the system have the option of setting up their own Moodle platform. For this purpose, please contact directly Administrator.

For university-wide classes, you can also use the platform available to all employees of our University, which is located at This platform also includes e-learning training prepared by the employees of the Center, called "Moodle in practice", which can be attended by every NCU employee. The purpose of this training is to briefly and concisely understand all the most important functions and capabilities of the Moodle system.


If you want to take full advantage of the Moodle system's capabilities, please log in using your college email account. After logging in, select the appropriate platform from the list of all UMK e-learning systems, which is located on the left side of the main Moodle window.

With the help of this block you can also switch between platforms of individual departments, without having to log in multiple times. This functionality is especially useful for employees who run their courses on several different Moodle platforms.

Every NCU employee can run courses using the Moodle platform. For this purpose, he should register his postal address on the selected platform (by logging in once), and then contact Administrator, where he will be given the appropriate permissions to manage courses.


The huge popularity of the Moodle system has meant that teachers are increasingly involved in a large number of courses, repeatedly conducted on several separate platforms, e.g. when the same subject is taught in different schools or at several faculties of the same university. If they want to publish a single file in all their courses, they are forced to copy it repeatedly on each platform separately. Each file update requires additional modifications to all courses in which it is used. It's often tedious and tedious work.

Thanks to the EduDrive platform, adding, replacing and administering your files will be much easier.


Solutions proposed on the EduDrive platform based on the popular cloud computing model. They enable access to our materials using a web browser from any computer connected to the Internet. Each teacher who has an account in the EduDrive system has the option of publishing their own educational materials, regardless of their format (e.g. .pdf, .ppt, .doc, graphic files, audio files or film materials).

All files stored in the EduDrive system can be easily embedded inside various Moodel courses, regardless of which platform or server they are hosted on. Every change we make in the file will be automatically updated in all courses in which it was placed.

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